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    We have Fridges of Every Variety at 2nds World

    If you’re looking for quality fridges at low prices, you’ve come to the right place! 2nds World brings you factory 2nds,  carton damaged, new run out, factory refurbished across a number of top brand appliances. All our products are fully functional and come with a supplier warranty so you know you’re making a good purchase. We’re a family-owned business, and we’ve happily served our customers for over 35 years.
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    Looking to buy a Refrigerator? We can help you save Money Today?

    Those years have taught us a lot about how to help you save, and we’re proud to continue on in this fine tradition.  We have a huge selection of refrigerators, cooktops, washers and more. Visit our stores to see our full line of products, though we have plenty to choose from right here in our online shop!

    You’ll find more than a great range of models and top brands at 2nds World. We bring you appliances from different companies and also at different levels of pricing. You can tell the pricing type of a model by the colour of the ticket. Green tickets are completely new models that we offer at competitive prices.

    All other ticket colours indicate factory 2nds and refurbished items. Some of these appliances were sent back to the manufacturer for something as simple as a ding on the shipping box! That’s enough for us to purchase at a discount, and we pass those savings on to you. That means you can get brand new, fully functional appliances from brands you trust; all at a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.

    Kitchen Fridge Models

    We offer a wide range of standard kitchen fridges at 2nds World. You’ll find brand names such as Fisher & Paykel, Bosch, Electrolux, Kelvinator, Haier, Westinghouse, Samsung and even Mitsubishi. We’re always looking for new products to bring to you at discount prices, so we offer a lot of variety to our customers. We carry side by sides, top or bottom mounts ,french door fridges and more. Bargain shopping doesn’t have to come at the expense of either quality or quantity when you shop with us!

    Wine Cabinet Refrigerators and Beverage Chillers

    Sometimes you just need more space than your average fridge provides, and a smaller unit just isn’t big enough for the surplus. That’s when you need a beverage chiller to house beer, wine and other single-bottled drinks. These units are similar to a refrigerator but designed specifically to sort and hold beverages. Depending on what you need, you can purchase a unit designed specifically for wine or something more flexible.

    Choose the way you save on your Fridge with our Factory 2nds

    We’re all about choices at 2nds World. You can choose from all our different brands and models, and you can choose how you want to save on your purchase. Just look for the ticket colour that matches your preference and enjoy top appliances at a fraction of the original cost. Everything is fully backed by supplier warranty so you know you’re getting good quality.

    Find your favourite way to save and start shopping our selection today!
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    • Lemair - 42l Bar Fridge, White

      Only $149
      Model:RQ50HView Details
    • Heller - 70l Bar Fridge, White

      Only $169
      Model:BFH70View Details
    • Haier - 42l Bar Fridge, White

      Only $199
      Model:HRZ40View Details
    • Teco - 117l Bar Fridge, White

      Only $219
      TBF117WMDE View Details
    • Lemair - 115l Bar Fridge, Black

      Only $229
      Model:RQ115BKView Details
    • Chiq - 128l Bar Fridge

      Only $229
      Model:CSR128WView Details
    • Chiq - 129l Bar Fridge - White

      Only $249
      Model:CSR129WView Details
    • Haier - 113l Bar Fridge

      Only $269
      HRZ113SS View Details
    • Teco - 117l Bar Fridge, Stainless

      Only $269
      TBF117SMDE View Details
    • Chiq - 128l Bar Fridge

      Only $279
      Model:CSR127BView Details
    • Haier - 75l Bar Fridge, White

      Only $299
      HBF80WWH View Details
    • Westinghouse - 100l Bar Fridge, White

      Only $299
      WIM1000WC View Details

    283 Products found

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    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
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