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If you are busy renovating your kitchen, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is the choice between different types of stovetops.  Modern stovetops and hobs have improved dramatically in recent years.  They look better, are much easier to clean, and they are a lot more energy efficient and functional than many traditional cooktops.
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Top selling cooktops available at incredible prices

At 2nds World we offer a wide range of great cook plates at incredible prices.  Our affordable stove plate tops are perfect for creating a great looking kitchen on a tight budget or simply for anyone who wants to save money on the recommended retail price. 

How to pick the best cooktops for your kitchen

There are quite a few different types of cooker tops available at 2nds World, and it might help if you understand the major differences between these types of hob units.

Gas Cooktops– Gas cookers are gas operated and function through a flame.  Gas stovetops are easy to use, they are quick to warm up and many say that food prepared on these stove types naturally taste much better.

Induction hobs – These work in a different way to your traditional cooktops [uu1] as the plates are heated by magnetic induction. Induction stove tops are much safer than other types of hobs because any non-magnetic cookware item that is placed on the cooker won’t get heated since there is no magnetic field created[uu2] .

Ceramic electric cooktops – These have the same functionality as conventional cooktops [uu4] but have a ceramic cover instead of traditional elements.  Ceramic stoves are much easier to keep clean than other types of hob and offer you a seamless look in the kitchen.

Solid element hobs – These are more traditional in nature since they are fashioned with the usual electrical elements that are heated when you switch on the stove. Solid elements are the upgrade for those old spiral elements that were always so challenging to keep clean.

We Stock a Huge Range of Cooktops for Sale Online

All of these types of hob give you great functionality and cooking pleasure in the kitchen.  Gas, induction, ceramic electric and solid element electric stove cooktops come in a variety of different styles and sizes and at 2nds World you are bound to get the perfect fit for your kitchen.  And if you are looking for an affordable deal to match your tight budget then you can always opt for cooktops that are new and  functional but don’t fall under the brand new category, such as the following;

Factory 2nd – Our factory 2nd items that work perfectly fine but have minor cosmetic defects.  These stove tops are sold at a much lower price than the brand new appliances.

Carton damaged – Carton damaged cook plates are still in perfect condition but are sold at discounted rates just because the packaging is damaged. 

New run out – These are brand new appliances that simply reached the end of the line

2nds World is a perfect place to find the best deals on the best looking and most functional home appliances.  If you need any more help in choosing your new appliance, then please give us a call on 02 8986 1666. 

More Than Just Simpson Washing Machines at 2nds World!

2nds World is leading provider of appliances for sale online in Australia. We supply a number of white goods and factory seconds including washing machines, upright stove ovens, big cheap TVs, cheap smart TVs, cooktops, electric ovens and much more.
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30 Products found