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There has never been more choice when it comes to home appliances. With manufacturers constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to use advances in technology and streamline old-fashioned models with upgrades that offer much more functionality and versatility, one would expect that things are much more affordable.
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Electric Cooktops at Factory Seconds Prices

Unfortunately for the majority of retailers, this is not true with smart technology placing these advanced appliances at a premium. Fortunately for Australian discount shoppers, 2ndsWorld.com.au is here to make the once out of reach much more affordable.

We Sell Electric Cooktops Australia Wide

We offer everything from electric cooktops to ovens, range hoods and accessories all at massively reduced prices. These items normally retail for hundreds of dollars more than what we are able to sell them for and while many people might think that this is because they are faulty or do not work, this is not the case. At 2nds World, all of our appliances are in perfect working condition and come with their respective manufacturer’s warranty included.

The difference is that when these items originally were dispatched from the warehouse they arrived with either an identifiable blemish to the appliance itself, typically cosmetic that has no impact on functionality or arrived in a carton that was damaged en route. In other cases, these items were demonstration models or presented a fault on arrival that resulted in them being refurbished to ensure they were fit for purpose. All of them come with a full warranty.

Advantages of electric cooktops

There are options when it comes to choosing a cooktop, such as induction or gas. However, where electric cooktops are concerned there are advantages to consider. Generally, you will find that these are the most affordable of the bunch and are very easy to operate, just switch it on and start cooking.

What’s more, customers love the fact that they are so easy to clean. There are no crevices or grooves that food can get stuck in, so once you wipe it down you can rest assured that you have eliminated the possibility of germs and bacteria building-up. Best of all, they are super fast in terms of heating up so you don’t have to wait around nearly as long as with the electric cooktops of the past.

In store right now at 2nds World, we have a wide range of choices and a long list of identifiable tried and trusted brands, including Beko, Artusi, Chef, Omega, Euro Appliances, Bosch, Westinghouse and Omega, among others.

Buy Your Electric Cooktop Online at 2nds World

At 2ndsWorld.com.au, we are part of the largest buying group in Australia and so we like to pass the savings we make on to our customers. If you live in Melbourne or Sydney you can drop into one of our stores, browse the aisles and chat with one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Or, if you are online rest assured that all of these deals are right here ready to ship to your door.

However, if you are simply in the market for a new appliance and prefer to buy brand new, don’t forget that you can also find completely new items right here at 2nds World at seriously competitive prices.
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Electric Cooktops

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3 Products found