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There are classic products in every industry and when it comes to kitchen appliances gas cooktops are one of the evergreen features of a home. Despite having been around for some time now, they have proven their popularity by standing the test of time in the face of new and technologically advanced alternatives. Homeowners love the even heat distribution that a gas cooker offers as well as the ability to tweak it to exactly the right temperature with a simple twist of the dial.
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Gas Cooktops at Super Hot Prices

Here at 2nds World, we have been supplying factory seconds appliances to Australia from our base in Sydney for the past 35 years. In that time we have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars by giving them access to the best brands in the market at the lowest prices available.

While we also sell brand new, straight from the manufacturer items at very competitive prices, our speciality is in stocking appliances and products that were turned away by the larger retailers for a variety of reasons – usually cosmetic. Damaged cartons, appliances with blemishes on the surface, end of line items and factory-refurbished products make up the bulk of our offerings and all come with a full warranty.

All of the products we sell come directly from the manufacturers and because they are in perfect working condition have warranties attached. Therefore, the difference between the high street retailers and us comes down to nothing more than price.

Tips to get the best from your Gas Cooktop

We all want to get as many years as possible out of the appliances we invest our hard earned cash in. Gas cooktops are no different, so here at 2nds World, we put together a few handy tips that will help you get the most out of yours.

It’s always a good idea after the burners and surfaces have cooled down to give everything a quick clean. In terms of the burners, soaking them before cleaning thoroughly in warm, soapy water works best. This works for the grates, too, however, if food is deeply embedded in them you can use a grate cleaner to get them back to their best.

Buy Your Gas Cooktop Online at 2nds World

Naturally, it makes sense to dry everything properly before you replace them, but before doing so, always make sure that you have removed any food that may have ended up underneath them. And, when you are replacing them, take a few seconds to check that you have put them in the correct positions, to ensure that the flame can ignite when you next use them.

The gas cooktops you will find at 2nds World come directly from the best names in the industry, including:

So, whether you are moving into a new home or if it’s time to replace that old cooker with something a little bit more modern, rest assured that you will find the best for less right here at 2ndsWorld.com.au.
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Gas Cooktops

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16 Products found