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There is never a good time for a kitchen appliance to break down or start to malfunction. Ovens are one of the key things you just don’t want to believe is in trouble and may need replacing in the kitchen. Not only are they a pretty pricey item to repair or replace, but the cost of eating out, or ordering in can quickly escalate the longer you are without your primary cooking appliance. Here at 2nds World, we understand this better than most, having saved those seeking out the perfect replacement hundreds of dollars in the process and bringing a silver lining to an otherwise cloudy day.
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Electric Ovens at Electric Prices

How do we do it? Well, at 2ndsWorld.com.au, we lead the field in Australia when it comes to factory seconds retailers. Factory seconds are simply appliances that the manufacturer must sell at a discounted price because of issues with packaging or when they simply need to clear out their old models before the new upgrades are rolled in. As such, these appliances are genuine high-end brands that we receive directly from the manufacturer. They are in perfect working condition and come with a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that customers have peace of mind when parting ways with their cash.

Electric ovens and gas ovens are part of our huge range of stock that can be viewed in-person at one of our stores in Sydney and Melbourne, or also online. New customers will be surprised to find all the best brands available at amazing discounts, while clever bargain hunters who are already signed up to our newsletter regularly drop in to snap up the best bargains as and when they drop.

We Sell the Best Electric Ovens Online AAustralia Wide

Naturally, customers like clarity when purchasing any product, and particularly so when it comes to appliances that have perceived issues. As such, here at 2nds World, we introduced a price ticket system that makes it easy for shoppers to identify why the item they are considering is available at a discount.

We have categorised all of our ovens as follows:

  • Yellow ticket: factory seconds. These bear a cosmetic blemish or were ex-display models.
  • Pink ticket: carton damaged. The packaging was damaged in transit.
  • Blue ticket: new run out. Upgraded models are being rolled out, so these are no longer in production.
  • Orange ticket: factory refurbished. The manufacturer corrected an initial failure, or it was a demo model.
  • Green ticket: brand new. Yes, that’s right, we sell brand new items at reduced prices, too!

Buy Your Electric Oven Online at 2nds World

Seeing as electric ovens can be an expensive item to simply just go out and buy without some planning and saving, at 2nds World we offer interest-free finance to make that purchase a little more manageable.

There are plenty of retailers out there selling the big name brands, but none can compete with the incredible prices you will find here at 2nds World. We have been saving Australian customers thousands of dollars year on year for the last 35 years, and we know that you too can access the best brands at the best prices.
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Electric Ovens

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35 Products found

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