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Is there anything more enjoyable than kicking back on the sofa with family or friends at the end of a long day to watch a show, a sporting event, or a good movie? TVs have changed a lot in the last ten years but with each advance in picture and sound quality, retailers slap brand new, extortionate prices on them.
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TVs Selling Cheap in Australia

However, for those in the know, there is a way to get your hands on sets that come straight from the manufacturer’s warehouse for a lot less. These specific items are commonly referred to as ‘factory seconds’, and because of some perceived flaw, or packaging issue, or if a line of television sets is being discontinued, manufacturers are keen to sell off the stock they have at a discounted price.

Those who are looking for a cheap TV in Melbourne or Sydney are best advised to put the name of our store, 2nds World, into their Maps app and make their way to the best brands at the best prices in the market. At 2nds World, we are the leading factory seconds retailers in Australia. We are a privately owned, family operated Australian company and have been saving our customers thousands and thousands of dollars for the last 35 years. 

We Sell Big Cheap TVs Online Australia Wide

At 2nds World, we appreciate that splashing out on a TV is something you usually have to plan for because let’s face it, there are plenty of other demands on our finances in the modern world. As such, we have made it possible for our customers to access interest-free finance, both online and in-store on all of our products.

Customers receive plenty of flexibility with how they receive and watch their shows seeing as everything is on demand, and so here at 2nds World, we like the idea of making payment plans possible when purchasing a TV, to offer you the chance to choose a payment method that works best for you.

What’s more, when it comes to the kind of savings you want to make when you shop in-store or online at 2nds World, we have put coloured tickets on each of our items so that you can differentiate between the different types of issues that presented for each item that resulted in it being sold at a marked down price.

Buy Your Big Cheap TV Online at 2nds World

Buy New, Carton Damaged & Factory TVs Online or In Store. Save on Samsung, Philips, TCL, Panasonic, & more big flatscreen TV brands.

We have big TVs and smaller TVs in stock at all times, and all of them selling well below the recommended retail price, so regardless of whether you’re looking for a nice 32 inch screen to complete your new flat or a 65 inch beast that will make your home the go-to for all must-see broadcasts, we have plenty of options in stock.

Best of all, when you’re discount hunting for cheap TVs in Sydney or Melbourne, or online, you can shop confidently here at 2ndsWorld.com, safe in the knowledge that all of our TVs are in perfect working condition and come complete with a manufacturer’s warranty.

So, why pay more when the best is out there for less at 2nds World?
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Big Cheap TVs

26 Products found


26 Products found