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When it comes to dryers you may be in the process of trying to work out which type would be best for both your bank balance and in terms of the space you have available. It is not uncommon to think that a dryer is a dryer and they all do the exact same thing and all that changes is the brand name. However, in reality, there are actually a number of different types of dryers on the market, and all of them offer something a little bit different.
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Dryers, which one is right for you?

A heat pump dryer takes the moist air collected during the drying cycle and passes it through an evaporator, at which point the moisture is removed and the air is recycled to be used again. These appliances can in the long term save a household a lot of money on their energy bills.

Vented tumble dryers must be placed against an outside wall and have a hole drilled through it to remove the moist air while it is working. There is no maintenance in terms of removing gathered moisture and these models offer a practical solution for thousands of households.

Condenser dryers are typically a more expensive option. Here, the moisture within the drum forms into droplets that are gathered in a removable tank that needs to be emptied regularly. However, all they require is a power outlet, making them a very easy to install option.

Here at 2nds World.com.au, our customers are fortunate to have all three options available to buy and ship at the lowest prices in the market. We stock factory seconds appliances as well as brand new appliances at seriously competitive prices. All of the appliances that we sell are sourced directly from the manufacturer and so are genuine factory seconds that are in perfect working order and come with warranties attached.

We Sell the Best Dryers Online Australia Wide

At 2nds World we want all of our customers to choose the way they save when it comes to buying a factory second appliance. As such, we created a colour code system that enables you to quickly identify what category the item you are considering belongs to.

A Factory Second will bear a yellow price ticket, carton damaged goods will have a pink price ticket attached, new run out appliances have blue price tickets and factory refurbished items will have orange price tickets. If you are looking for brand new items only, then keep your eyes peeled for the green price tickets.

Buy Your Dryer Online at 2nds World!

As always, we pass our significant purchase power savings onto you, our valued customers, and so even on the brand new items, you will find them at prices that will put a very big smile on your face. Over the past 35 years, we have saved Australian shoppers hundreds of thousands of dollars by making the best brands available to them at the best prices possible.

Among our brands, you will find Asko, Bosch, Dyson, Fisher & Paykel, ILVE, Samsung, Westinghouse, Breville, Daewoo, Dimplex, Haier, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Fujitsu.

At 2ndsWorld.com.au we make sure that you don’t have to break the bank when you want access to dryers that are fit for purpose and built to last and we know that when you’ve shopped with us once, you’ll need some convincing to return to the high street.
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  • Samsung - 9kg Heat Pump Dryer

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8 Products found