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Every Bosch Washing Machine is Thoughtfully made

At 2nds World, we believe in bringing you low prices. Our appliances, however, are always of the highest quality. That’s why we’re excited to offer all of the major brands, including the finest range of Bosch washing machines. Everything they make is tailored to improving your life. Whether it’s through lower utilities from energy-conscious design or a little added convenience to your routine.
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Now you can enjoy the ingenuity of a Bosch washing machine without the heavy price. 2nds World has a wide range of brand-name appliances that make their way to us at a reduced cost. Some are genuine factory 2nds; others might have been returned to the manufacturer over crumpled packaging. All of them are backed by a full supplier warranty.

Who is Bosch?

Based in Germany, Bosch creates smart products that fit seamlessly into your home. They’re made to bring a little more convenience to your day without intruding on your space. They make some truly innovative things, too.

There’s a little bit of sustainability and a whole lot of thought in all their products. That’s why they make such a great addition to a busy household and, at 2nds World, you can bring home one of Bosch’s creative products at a fraction of the price!

Innovative Washing Machines from a Reliable Company - Bosch

If you’re looking for a Bosch washing machine, they offer various compact models that are truly impressive. These machines measure in at 24” and some can wash a load of up to 18 towels! If you think that’s impressive, you’ll love what else this company brings to the table, such as:

  • App operated wash and dry cycles that can be controlled from your smart device
  • Speed perfect settings that reduce wash times by up to 40%
  • Stain treatment for grasses, oils, red wine and more
  • An Ecosilence motor that’s as durable as it is quiet
  • A large drum capacity in a compact machine

You’ll find these features and more throughout our line of products from Bosch. Be sure to read the specs before buying to ensure you choose something just right for you.

Save Money on Utilities and Drycleaning

Compact appliances are built to use less water and less electricity than larger models. The Bosch washing machine takes this even further by following Energy Star guidelines for efficient appliances.

Save Even more by Shopping at 2nds World

It’s true what they say: you can save more by spending more. Quality appliances perform at a standard that can lower your utility expenses and save on other costs.

At 2nds World you can save more by spending less! So, what are you waiting for? Go find those quality items that make life easier and start saving today!

We sell more than just Bosch washing machines, including Asko washing machines, Samsung washing machines and Fisher & Paykel washing machines.
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Bosch Washing Machines Australia

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