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Nothing is more Versatile than a Samsung Front load Washing Machine

2nds World provides our customers with an amazing selection of appliances from the world’s best manufacturers. Samsung is at the top of that list. Their products are top-of-the-line in every way. Advanced technology integration, durable build and an intuitive design really set their appliances apart.

Even something as simple as a Samsung front load washing machine shows an incredible amount of forethought and ingenuity. That’s why they’re some of the most versatile products available today.
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Top Appliances from a Top Brand

Samsung is known throughout the world for providing superior electronics and products of all kinds. Founded in South Korea in the late 1930s, their company has since grown into a multinational conglomerate. Their brand really needs no introduction as most people have used their wares at one point or another.

They’ve become the mega company they are by leading in technology, manufacturing and design. You know you’re getting quality when you buy from Samsung. Their washing machines have some of the most advanced features available on the market today. Browse our selection and see just how much we can help you save on one of the world’s top brands.

We have Samsung Front Loaders with a full Range of Options

Samsung machines are known for their ease of use and highly functional design. The sheer number of features packed into each machine makes laundry day feel like a trip to the future. They’re known to run quietly using specialised inverted motors, and even basic features seem to take on a whole new life in Samsung’s expert hands.

In addition to all of these extras, Samsung products often have 4+ Energy Star ratings for both water and electric.  Combine this with presets and wash options that allow you to control just how much water goes into a cycle, and you have an extremely efficient way to do the washing.

Save some Space with a Combination Washer and Dryer

There’s only one thing that can beat a Samsung front load washing machine: one of their combination washer/dryer systems. No, this isn’t a combined unit with two separate barrels for washing and drying. It’s literally one machine with one tank, and it does everything!

There are so many ways this improves your laundry experience. You’ll free up space in your washroom, and you’ll no longer have to move clothing from the washer to the dryer. In fact, with Samsung’s smart technology you don’t even have to be in the room to switch your laundry from wash to dry. That comes in very handy when you’re washing laundry while trying to clean the rest of the house.

2nds World has all the best Appliances

Our store is always stocked with modern appliances at affordable prices. We bring you a wide range of brands and quality products, but that’s not all you get to choose from when you shop with us. Our customers even get to choose the way they save!

If you want excellent prices, but you don’t want a factory second or factory refurbished unit, that’s okay too. We also have brand new, run outs, carton damaged items and so much more. We even use a coloured ticket system that helps you immediately know what you’re buying.

Browse our online shop to see what we currently have available or stop by our store. One of our representatives can help you find something perfect for your home and your budget. We also stock Bosch washing machines, Fisher & Paykel washing machines and Asko washing machines.
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Samsung Front Load Washing Machine Australia

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1 Products found